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Sobre nós

PMC Motorsport - Your Global Brand in Car Tuning and Auto Parts Production.

# Masters of Conversion: We are pioneers in producing advanced parts for engine and transmission modifications. Our offer includes innovative gearbox adapters, flywheels, clutches, and many other specialized components.

# Tailored Solutions: Our services in swaps and conversions provide precision-fit solutions, encompassing short shifters, control arms, and various key tuning elements.

# Modern Production: Leveraging the latest technologies and high-quality materials, we create motorsport parts that set us at the forefront of the industry. Our advanced production process ensures unmatched quality and reliability for each component.

# Uncompromised Testing & Quality Control: Every product undergoes rigorous tests to ensure the highest level of safety and functionality. From flywheels to clutches - quality is our top priority.

# Global Collaboration Network: We proudly collaborate with dealers worldwide, and our ambitions go even further. We're seeking representatives who share our passion and want to bring value to the global PMC Motorsport community.

# Dedicated Customer Service: Our team of industry experts is always at your service. We assist at every stage - from selecting the right part to post-sale support.

If you desire excellence in car tuning and conversions, PMC Motorsport is your ideal partner. Join the global community of satisfied customers and discover the difference we can make in your vehicle


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